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Teledyne Instruments provides innovative measurements devices to monitor critical manufacturing processes, improve productivity, facilitate energy exploration and protect the environment.

Utilizing a wide variety of sophisticated sensing technologies and electronics, our analytical instruments are found in such diverse industries as oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, power utilities and medical. We provide unique seismic sensing and geophysical arrays for marine exploration, safety related valve testing services for nuclear power plants, and flow and vacuum components for semiconductor, fuel cell and cryogenic markets. Our state of the art air quality monitoring instruments are recognized worldwide, by both governments and industrial customers, for their advanced performance features.

Teledyne Instruments is dedicated to providing products and services that are superior in quality, innovative in design, competitive in value and supported by outstanding customer service.

Company Overview
Teledyne Instruments is a group of business units with expertise in monitoring, process control and precision measurement instrumentation. We guide with technology, manufacturing skills and exceptional resources thatconceive and deliver superior instruments to detect, measure and control critical parameters. Learn more... (PDF)


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